Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Tour/Music 2013

Fall is officially upon us. November is here. Plans for Thanksgiving have begun. The "People Hear What They See" tour is over.

It's been an amazing 2 months on the road. Met some incredible people. Played some incredible places. Had quite an adventure, especially driving from Toronto back home through Hurricane Sandy!

So, what's next? Well, Oddisee has decided that he can not bring the band to the west coast due to circumstances he could not control. He will, in fact, be out there with Olivier Day Soul.

Until then, Ill be home, working on brand new music. My band, The Grand, will be back in rehearsal mode. I'll be playing local gigs in DC with the Brazilian band and others.
Be on the lookout for another, yes another, beat tape!

thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and showing their true support.

next update coming soon.

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