Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PHWTS tour

Europe is an amazing place to visit simply for its culture. I've learned this over the past near decade.

With that said, being on tour with Oddisee for the "People Hear What They See" album has been a wonderful experience.

We started in the UK performing in Birmingham. A good, but small crowd enjoyed what we brought from the states musically. But to be honest, for us it was a dress rehearsal for the big show in London at the infamous Jazz Cafe.

When we arrived, Unown (MPC-er) was emotionally taken back at how surreal it was to be performing there. Seeing photos of George Duke, Badu, Stevie Wonder, and Yasin Bey just made our show that much more fun.

The performance was spectacular. Tranqill opened and performed with us. The infamous Omar joined us for a number. And the crowd couldnt've been better.

Amsterdam was incredible partly because of the day off we had.
We all went and had dinner at Full Crate's crib. (AWESOME!!)
But Germany has shown us that they are true lovers of hip hop music.

Tonight we're in Berlin. It's laundry day and we ran into a member of lady Gaga's camp. Hopefully we'll be able to hang with Spanky and the others for some kind of shed.

Tomorrow we're off to Switzerland.

Check back later folks!


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