Monday, June 18, 2012

Oddisee, RPM, Muhsinah, and more.

It's been a few months, but a lot has been going on. Here's the update

Last Friday was the first performance of the band WHITE DENIM featuring DC producer/emcee Oddisee. In support of his recent release, People Hear What They See, the band will be performing locally and soon internationally this fall on a world tour.
Oddisee- vox
Olivier Day Soul- guitar and vox
Ralph Real- keys and vox
Dennis Turner- bass
Jon Laine- drums
Unown- MPC

This Thursday will be the official release party performance at Montserrat House in WDC. (peep the flyer for more info)

I have also been back at it with my new band, The Grand. With Niko Laget- sax, Dan Paul- keys, Brock Smith- guitar and sampler, Hamilton Hayes- bass, and me on drums, the band looks to record a demo this fall with some show dates to follow.

I also returned to the drum chair backing up sensational singer, producer, and pianist, Muhsinah. Following her national tour, she played a welcome home concert at the Black Cat in DC.  With just she and I at the helm, it was a great turn out that only made us play to our greatest ability.

In addition, RPM has released the single and video of their new album. The video to Box of Fire has gained popularity in the past week since it's release. peep your boy in the video!

I haven't forgotten about the beats though,  I should be mixing an EP by emcee Ardamus and myself later this summer.

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until then....


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